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Forestville Town Hall Meeting

Zoom/Facebook Live

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Thursday, November 5, 2020
5:30 – 7:30 PM


  • County updates from Lynda Hopkins.
  • Quarry mitigation funds report.
  • Downtown Oaks Park permit process from Michael Cuoio.
  • West County Trail update from the Parks Department.
  • Emergency Preparedness from Fire Chief Dave Franchesci.
  • Summer river traffic report from Lynda Hopkins.
  • The Skatespot Committee on their good news.

Links to Zoom & Facebook Live.

LRRMAC Vacation Rental Committee Report

The Lower Russian River MAC’s revised version as of 8/22/20

The report highlights Vacation Rental history, regulations, how to apply for a permit, data including the residents and home owners surveys’ answers, research from Sonoma and other counties and recommendations.

In researching the effects of vacation rentals on the lower Russian River community it’s easy to see how multiple conflicting issues come into play. How land use policy comes up against the need for revenue. How property rights square up with neighbor’s rights. How a lucrative hospitality industry, when inserted deep into an established neighborhood, can potentially impact the quality of life for those who live there year-round.

The quality of life issues mentioned above seem to be primarily focused around noise and parking issues. Aside from the occasional households that just don’t like strangers in their neighborhoods, those are the top two complaints. What happens as a result of those complaints is pretty much nothing apart from a letter sent to the owners. Therein may lie one of the problems.

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President’s Message

Downtown Park Design Plan
Implementation of the park design features depends on two factors: solid community support and a successful fund-raising campaign. The FPA had hoped to present the park design status and our fund-raising plans in conjunction with a community town hall meeting in April, however, that meeting has now been cancelled. Nonetheless, we have a great park plan!
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The below report is from last year’s Town Hall but the info still applies for the 2020 fire season.

Are you prepared for a fire?

Almost 200 Forestville residents attended the Town Hall Meeting on Sunday, May 19, 2019 to hear Forestville Fire Chief Dave Franceschi talk about Emergency Preparedness bringing examples of preparedness kits, emergency contacts, pamphlets, flyers and neighborhood maps. On hand were 6 other Forestville Fire Department’s crew. Get the resources you need. Read more…

L-R: Engineer Eric Gromala, Engineer Chuck Franceschi, Captain Michael Franceschi, Chief Dave Franceschi (Front), Firefighter Wiley Valley, Engineer Spencer Hansen, Captain Matt Eggleston

Construction Began on West County Trailhead

The West County Trailhead began on June 13 and will be done in two phases – Paved Trail Construction and then Wood Boardwalk Construction. This project includes completing the existing 13-mile West County Trail into downtown Forestville by constructing a 0.2-mile multi-use trail from Highway 116 to the current trail terminus near Pajaro Lane. Read more…

Board Meetings

Regular Board meetings are scheduled every month.
Dates: Every 1st Tuesday of the month.
Time: 5:30-7:30PM
Where: Food For Thought, 6550 Railroad Ave., Forestville
(Railroad Ave. parallels Front St. in downtown)

Anyone interested in attending is very welcome.
Contact: Board President Michael Cuoio for more information.

Board Meetings

• 1st Tuesday of mo.
• 5:30 – 7:30 PM
• Location:
Food For Thought
6550 Railroad Ave.
(Railroad Ave. parallels
Front St. in downtown)
• For more info,
Board President,
Michael Cuoio
Everyone welcome.