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President’s Message

Wetlands in the Park
It may not appear so to the casual observer or user of our downtown Forestville Park, but things are happening! Slowly! Since we had a wetlands declaration last year that precluded implementation of our original (i.e. 2014) concept for the park, we continue to refine and gain approval of “plan B.”
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Latest News

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Flood Recovery Meeting & News
How Do You Make a Name for Yourself? – March 2019
What Do You Want? –  February 2018
New Beginnings – January 2019
•  It’s All About the Holidays! –  December 2018
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The 2019 Community Fund Grant App

Applications currently available at the Forestville Pharmacy. Stop back soon to use the online form. To read about what the fund is, where the money comes from, how it works and past grants awarded, click here: FCF. Want to know which grants have been awarded over the years? Start here: Grants

Board Meetings

Regular Board meetings are scheduled every month.
Dates: Every 1st Tuesday of the month.
Time: 5:30-7:30PM
Where: Food For Thought, 6550 Railroad Ave., Forestville
(Railroad Ave. parallels Front St. in downtown)

Anyone interested in attending is very welcome.
Contact: Board President Michael Cuoio for more information.

Board Meetings

• 1st Tuesday of mo.
• 5:30 – 7:30 PM
• Location:
Food For Thought
6550 Railroad Ave.
(Railroad Ave. parallels
Front St. in downtown)
• For more info,
Board President,
Michael Cuoio
Everyone welcome.