Stories of Forestville’s History

Downtown Photo, circa 1900

by Dave Henry

The town view is of Main Street looking from the east looking toward the west and Mirabel Road, circa 1900. The first store is John Egbert Jewett’s drug store then Dr. Fred Newton’s office, Jack Alten’s Gilt Edge Saloon, Bill Clark’s butcher shop, Tom Silk’s grocery store, Charles C. Oliver’s livery stable, LD Yeager’s barbershop and the Evans house on the top of the hill.

At various times there have also been a dance hall, bowling alley, restaurants, gas station, library, appliance store, antiques stores, pool hall and many other businesses.

There were stories of going to town for ice cream and having to duck into a building because a large herd of long-horned cattle were being driven down the middle of Main Street.

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