Town Hall Meetings

March 26, 2017 Town Meeting

Forestville United Methodist Church Hall
Minutes graciously taken by Julie Thompson

Reverend Monique Cheri Pierre welcomed all to the meeting.

The FPA was formed in 2002 as a way to communicate with the people of Forestville so that they in turn could contact their elected representatives. Names of the board members were given.

FPA President Elizabeth Naegle thanked all of the volunteers. Since 95436 is a large area, she asked everyone to say hello to those seated next to them.

The Community Grant Fund will open up on April 1, 2017. Please go to Forestville Community Fund for information.

Lynda Hopkins, 5th District Supervisor was introduced. Contact:, Phone 707.565.2241

Lynda thanked the community for organizing this town hall meeting. The need for meetings like this had been a part of her campaign and having one arranged for her was wonderful. She just “had to show up.”

She spoke of her first days in office with flooding and mudslides and how nice it is to have winter be over which brings more time to engage with the communities.

Supervisors handle land use, infrastructure and needs of the unincorporated community.

Discussion included:

  • Bike Lane on Mirabel – Checking on the timeline.
    The possibility of a stoplight on Highway 116 and Covey Road – It was explained that it is a Cal Trans issue as well.
    Roundabout – There is no funding for the roundabout It is dead. Lynda mentioned the possibility of lighted cross walks as some funding could be used, however it is highly restricted. She asked what is it that WE want?
    Hidden Lake Pot Holes – Bad news. There is a $3.6 million dollar shortfall from gas tax since cars are getting better mileage and people are driving less. The county needs to back fill from the General Fund or do away with 18 road personnel. They use a “Road Triage” which takes into account how bad the road is along with how many people travel down that road. Lynda asks for us to email her regarding severely damaged roads with pictures if possible.
    The county only gets 27 cents of every property tax dollar. Measure L passed (TOT – Transient Occupancy Tax) so it should bring $4 million more per year. Roads and Fire Districts are the top 2 on Lynda’s list for increased funding.
    Wineries on one lane roads that are crumbling – Lynda suggested that homeowners check on winery permits and file a complaint with PRMD if in violation. She gave the example of a winery not having a permit for events but showing that they have a wedding planner on their website, etc. Send pictures of the crumbling road to Lynda and call for increased police patrols for drivers under the influence.
    Status of proposed resort/hotel – Nothing formal is happening with this. There is no official action at this time.
    Green Valley Creek Possible restoration/rehabilitation?
    Permits were $32,000 and took two weeks due to endangered species. The creek is now back in the banks and the sediment catch areas are working . A big chunk of the $32, 000.00 will go back into restoration efforts.
    Speers Area Recycling – A citizen of that area stated that there was “an element that is not good” there. They thought it was a terrible spot for a recycling center. Lynda stated that it is a state program and will need to be taken up with Senator Mike Maguire along with calling law enforcement when issues arise. She is happy to set up a joint meeting with them and Senator Maguire.
    Sheriff Patrols – We are underserved. The fact that the church has been broken into concerned Lynda greatly. She said that finally after years, the Guerneville substation is full. She agreed that small communities need increased patrols, along with the possibility of community councils to work with the supervisors to get funding for the small town. She will reach out regarding the increased patrols. The 5th District is the largest land mass and brings in 46% of all TOT ( transient occupancy tax) county wide. Lynda suggests emailing all of her colleagues as she is not allowed to speak to more than one at a time outside of their meetings.
    Graton Rancheria Casino and their donations – Do they donate to a Food Bank at all? Lynda said that their own local mitigation takes most of the funds and that they selected Regional Parks for their donations.
    Busses – If Measure M passes in 2 years it could increase our bus service.
    Walking path – Lynda is following up with Susan Clawson.
    By pass – No movement. It is dead in the water with no potential for the future.

Thank you Supervisor Lynda Hopkins!

Announcements and News

Ham Radio Operators wanted. Classes are held at the Graton Fire Department. Please sign up for disaster preparedness.

Ron Davis announced that the Forestville Historical Society needs members. They meet the second Wednesday of each month from September thru June. The next meeting will be April 12 at 7pm at the Forestville Fire Department.

FPA volunteer sheets are out. Please sign up.

“Brian” reported on the skate park. They are now a subdivision of the Youth Park. They will be having a 5 and 10k race on April 23 to raise funds. $20 shirts for also for sale. No permits yet.

Richard Naegle reported the Downtown Park news. $250,000 has been budgeted by the County Parks Dept to complete the West County Trail though our Downtown Park. Trail work must be completed by 6/19!

Before leaving office, Efren Carillo arranged for the PRMD to waive 50% of the fees. Open Space District is the largest donor and covenants are in place to protect the trees of the park and the land. The trees are 30-50 year old Valley Oaks.

Board Member Stephanie Lennox stated that the oaks can live to be 600 years old. They need no irrigation, no soil compaction, thick mulch, exclusion barriers and to have things done around them in the Fall as they enter dormancy. Foot traffic needs to be limited as it causes compaction. A $10,000 grant has been submitted for mulch. (8 inches) $400,000.00 in matching grants from the Open Space District lets them have a lot of say about the park. There are plans for the community holiday tree to be a living one.

The Farmers’ Market opens June 6th.

Lucy Hardcastle discussed the next steps. Need $$$ Public bathrooms mulch, gravel, workers. has link to park plans at the bottom of its home page. Plan B was approved by the community.

FPA Board Member Brain Martens closed the meeting with a short poem by Rumi.

Respectfully submitted,
Julie Thompson

Board Meetings

• 1st Tuesday of mo.
• 5:30 – 7:30 PM
• In-Person at:
6550 Railroad Ave., Forestville
• Via Zoom: Get Link
• For more info, contact:
Board President,
Lucy Hardcastle
Everyone welcome.