Town Hall Meetings

Town Meeting Notes from April 19, 2009 and Poll

(Followed by # of Groups Who Mentioned This Issue at the April Town Meeting.)

Water Issues — 6
• Quality of river water is very important!
• New sewer lines bring uncontrolled growth (Mirabel Heights an example)
• More wells drilled by vineyards lower the water table for residential wells
• Water in/water out???

Growth Issues — 2
• …And the high number of housing developments in Forestville

Traffic Problems — 5
• Congestion/issues with lanes
• Noise pollution in downtown (especially trucks traveling to and from quarry)

Having a more pedestrian-friendly town is important — 5
• Possibility of flashing lights on crosswalks?

116 Bypass Proposal — 4
• Needs to be functional for all, incorporated with downtown
• Pleasing design important
• Needs to be done soon!

Proposed roundabout at 116 and Mirabel
• Needs to accommodate large trucks
• Line of sight issues for vehicles approaching from the west
• Opportunity to design it in keeping with character of the town

Sustainability of Local, Small Businesses in Town — 4
• Economic issues for whole town very important, not just for the downtown development project proposed by Orrin Thiessen

Street Lights Downtown — 5
(using the $100,000 tax money paid to county by Forestville residents)
• We need them, especially in the downtown, and want them to be attractive (without increasing upward light pollution which reduces night sky visibility)

Other Issues
• Town Square is important! How are plans proceeding?
• Important to enhance and beautify the downtown now, especially landscaping & flowers — 2
• Development of Forestville Inn in keeping with the character of the town is important
• Importance of preserving Forestville’s history — especially featuring plants brought by early settlers
• Extending the bike path into downtown, and to Steelhead Beach — 2
• Providing for more trails and recreational opportunities — 1
• Our schools need financial assistance!
• Important to teach financial literacy in our schools

Board Meetings

• 1st Tuesday of mo.
• 5:30 – 7:30 PM
• In-Person at:
6550 Railroad Ave., Forestville
• Via Zoom: Get Link
• For more info, contact:
Board President,
Lucy Hardcastle
Everyone welcome.