President’s Message

President’s Message, January 2019

Wetlands in the Park

It may not appear so to the casual observer or user of our downtown Forestville Park, but things are happening! Slowly! Since we had a wetlands declaration last year that precluded implementation of our original (i.e. 2014) concept for the park, we continue to refine and gain approval of “plan B.”

Some citizens have come forward asking us to consider officially contesting the wetlands so that we might proceed as first planned. We took that under serious advisement and have sought guidance from a wide range of sources: consultants, biological engineers, and the Army Corps of Engineers which has accepted jurisdictional responsibility for the wetlands.

We have also collaborated with several County agencies including Regional Parks, and the Ag & Open Space District which provided us with matching funds to purchase the property and which continues to partner with us in determining appropriate and allowable usage of the land.

The collective opinion of these resources – and our resulting determination – is that such contestation would be “costly” in terms of monies and time, and would most likely be futile. As I mentioned in my last missive on this website, while initially viewed as a setback, the wetlands determination has provided us with an opportunity to take a fresh look at the park, how it is used now, and how it might realistically best serve the community as we go forward.

We will continue to do our best to ensure that this precious Forestville asset will evolve both aesthetically and functionally to yield maximum benefit to all.

– Michael Cuoio, President of Forestville Planning Association

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