President’s Message

President’s Message, July 2019

The Concept of Plan Approved By Ag + Open Space

If you have driven by or visited the Forestville Downtown Oaks Park recently, you’ve undoubtedly noticed the construction equipment activity that began in the middle of June. Happily, that activity is the result of years-long planning and collaboration among Sonoma County Regional Parks, the Sonoma County Ag + Open Space District, and the Forestville Planning Association. Most likely, by the time you read this, the extension through the park of the paved portion of the county trail system will have been completed. This is a fantastic start toward the long-term vision of our community park.

We now have a solid plan approved in concept by Ag + Open Space. Based on this concept, we have re-initiated the Use Permit process with the County’s planning arm, Permit Sonoma. It will likely be early in the coming year before we are able to finish retracing all the steps necessary to secure approval for development. And then, nothing of substance will happen unless we are also able to raise the funds to implement the approved design. I see the coming year as an opportunity to get the message out to the Forestville community and prospective donors and volunteers who may wish to be a part of bringing the park vision to fruition.

In the meantime, please join us in enjoying what this park offers … a gathering place for the community and somewhere to take a much-needed time out to reconnect with nature.

– Michael Cuoio, President of Forestville Planning Association

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