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Forestville News & Events, September 2019

Summer’s not over!

by Lucy Hardcastle

That’s right. Summer is not over as I write this in 90- degree weather. And it will still be summer by the time you read it. We have a way to go for summertime fun so let’s make the most of it all September long.

Forestville Farmers Market
For example, the Farmers Market has great fruit and veggies, and you can’t get any more local than up Hidden Lake Drive with produce from Mary Rand. She reminds farmers if you want to set up a booth go to forestvillefarmersmarket.com. Amber Gray from the Hacienda area volunteered her time to help update that site. She loves the Market and hopes to get more happening there.

Ceres Community Project Starting 9/10
Speaking of fruits and veggies, the Forestville Wellness Center is partnering with the Ceres Community Project once again to bring a new seven-week series starting Tuesday, September 10. It is called Friends and Family – Cooking with your Clinic! Prepare and eat dinner together and learn more about traditional healthy foods. Bring your kids! You must be a West County Health Center patient to register. Call 887-0290 to sign up. Spanish speaking welcome. The group will be run by a bilingual nutritionist and a doctor. Sounds like fun.

Annual Outhouse Golf Tournament, 9/6
Another fun event on the golfing side is the Annual Outhouse Golf Tournament at Windsor Golf Course Friday, September 6. This tournament started as a fundraiser to put in bathrooms at the Youth Park years ago, hence its name! Go to the Youth Park website to Register. There is still room for you. Don’t have a foursome? They will find you a group. Let’s support them.

You can go to the dinner without playing golf by the way. I’ve done that a time or two. Until such time they allow you to pick up your golf ball and throw it I’ll stick to watching, I found that’s the only way I can make progress on the green. Golf doesn’t even give you three strikes!

Soul Café Kicks Off Season on 9/22
Soul Café is back in session. They kick off with a rocking good band “Solid Air” Sunday, September 22 from 5 to 6:30 pm right at the Methodist Church downtown. Soup, salad and bread is the usual $10 for adults, $5 for kids and this month will be run by the Sebastopol Lions Club. Expect every sound from jug band to Cajun to classic rock and more. The Friday night movie at 7 pm on September 20th is Cinderella. Bring the kids; it’s free. Cartoons start at 6:45.

Teachers’ Strike Over
I’m happy to report that our local teachers are back in school, up in front of their classrooms where they want to be. The two day strike you may have noticed mid-August was all about parity. I will never stop advocating for better pay for teachers, and not just because my husband is one either! Ok, my mom , dad and brother were teachers too. I have a great admiration for teachers. I’ve seen firsthand the work they put in behind the scenes to be sure the next generation has a chance of achieving their dreams.

Calling All Neighborhoods to Do Emergency Preparedness
Summer means continuing warm weather. That means our forests continue to get dry and you know (or do I have to tell you?) what that means. Fire danger. My neighbors up Champs deElysees continue to meet and help each other get our properties and homes “hardened.” “That makes all the difference” says Caerleon Safford from Fire Safe Sonoma.

For neighborhoods like Mirabel Heights and Argonne Way, where are you? I’ve always thought of those two areas as ideal “neighbor hoody” spots where folks know each other and interact. We are still waiting for you to join us! It’s easy. Just contact your neighbors and start a program by having the Fire Department come present. Champs is seeing lots of progress. Emergency Preparedness is one of Lynda Hopkins primary goals. Since she is a local I think we could step up and make her proud by what we are able to accomplish together.

Happening in Sonoma County
And for the last bit of Summer we have left, check out local Forestvillian Deborah Wiigs website happeningsonomacounty.com for all our county has to offer. If you sign up for the email blast it will come direct to you on Fridays in time to plan for the weekend. You are doing an amazing job Deborah and we appreciate you.

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