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Forestville News & Events, August 2020


by Lucy Hardcastle

Have you seen the big, beautiful Gratitude Sign at the end of Mirabel Road? I wonder how many people have been touched by its gentle reminder, uplifted by its message and delighted by its sunny lighthearted feel? I’m not sure who the talented and thoughtful artist is, but it’s just what we need right now! Thank you for this lovely surprise. It’s a wonderful gift to the community.

In that spirit I’m going to recognize a community member each month who we should be grateful for. This month it’s Monty Bernard, a Realtor with Coldwell Banker who helps set up the Tuesday Farmers Market then stays to welcome folks and offer hand sanitizer. He’s closed off the downtown parking lot several times to help with dust control. Monty has long roots in our community. His friendly face, welcoming smile and great energy inspires us all.

Congratulations are in order to Jacque Brazieal and her Skatespot Board. They just received their very own 501c3 nonprofit status number and can now take donations through their website forestvilleskatespot.com. They are super grateful to the Youth Park for their years of support and encouragement. Look for them at the Farmers Market selling cool tee shirts. Is becoming a Youth Advocate for the Skatepark just what you need to beef up your resume for college? Your voice as a teen is important. Take part in making the Skatespot vision your reality. You’ll get support all along the way.

The Hollydale Club thanks the Forestville Chamber of Commerce for their recent $500 “We Care” grant. They also got a $250 grant from the Russian River Rotary. That funding had really helped them with monthly expenses which don’t disappear just because their only source of revenue has dried up. Those fun, family friendly events for which they are famous are on hold for now, so every bit from the community helps. In fact, you can ‘adopt’ the Hollydale Club by paying a month’s expenses. Perhaps you could share a month with a neighbor or friend? Think about it. If you appreciate what they bring to you, your family or your neighborhood, pitching in a little could mean a lot! Send your check to PO Box 215, Forestville, 95436.

Also benefitting from the Chamber’s “We Care” grants was Canetti’s, Keith Looney Painting, the Forestville Club and Forestville Pizzeria. Thank you Chamber for this important support to our local businesses who have been hit hard by this pandemic.

Our local school district had to weigh the risks of in-person classes beginning in August not just for the students, but for our teachers, assistants and janitors too. For now, it’s online classes only. Teachers have been taking extra training to brush up their online skills since face to face instruction is not viable just yet. It’s tough all around. Ugh. This pesky virus is changing our world and how we operate. Let’s hope something positive comes of this down the line. I’m hopeful the world will become a better place after we are through this phase. We all are finding out what has importance and what isn’t so necessary during this time, but it’s going to be a long slog.

Great news! The Town Hall originally scheduled for last May is now set for Wednesday, August 26 at 5:30 pm on ZOOM! Have you been using Zoom? It’s fun. You don’t have to dress up, you don’t have to drive to the meeting, you don’t have to sit in an uncomfortable chair, and you can eat or drink whatever you want during the meeting as long as you are on mute.

You can get the link to this Zoom here soon. The link will also be on Lynda Hopkins Facebook page and the County’s website. We’ll send the link to email lists and post on other sites as well. Look for the bright pink Town Hall reminders at downtown businesses and on the telephone poles too. Join us. Download the Zoom app onto your computer or phone, click the link and you are in. What’s on the agenda you ask? Quarry funds; an update on the summertime parking issue; fire preparation and evacuations during the pandemic plus more. Log on, tune in, participate and be part of our community.

What else am I grateful for? For you! Thank you for reading the column and caring about our little town.

Board Meetings

• 1st Tuesday of mo.
• 5:30 – 7:30 PM
• In-Person at:
6550 Railroad Ave., Forestville
• Via Zoom: Get Link
• For more info, contact:
Board President,
Lucy Hardcastle
Everyone welcome.