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Forestville News & Events, September 2020

Get up. Shake it out. Dance. You’ll feel better.

by Lucy Hardcastle

“Get up off of that thing and shake, you’ll feel better.” Those words are from a James Brown song El Molino teachers danced to when virtually welcoming students back to the school year. That’s good advice, not just for the students and teachers but for anyone feeling anxious, exhausted, bored, depressed or has a case of the blahs after months of distancing. Shaking it out is a simple physical act that triggers the vagus nerve and calms the amygdala. That’s the part of our brain that sounds alarms that we are in danger, and let’s face it; these can be scary times. Julian Corwin, Physical Therapist and Founder of Pain and Performance Solutions says:

“It’s a crazy time in the world right now. We are experiencing intense unrest, division and instability in our culture. The ancient parts of our brains understand this unrest as threatening. For most of evolutionary history we existed as tribes of around 150 people. When the tribe grew too large they split, and the split often resulted in violence and death.”

Julian goes on to say “These days we are way beyond that 150 number, thanks to our culture. However, our minds and bodies are still catching up. When we see discord, disagreements, and flat out violence on TV and social media our bodies respond with primitive mammalian reflexes which is fight, flight or freeze.” Julian believes our response has been mostly to freeze. It shows up in tight necks, shoulders, jaws, hips and lower back. Maybe tight attitudes too. So, get up off of that couch and shake it. You will feel better. Julian can be found at julian@painandperformance.solutions.

With the shut-down of all activities that include lots of people out having fun together to raise money, our local Youth Park got an idea – go ahead and have the silent auction they would normally have at their annual Outhouse Golf Tournament. Instead of having it in person, they are doing it online. The auction will be open from September 27th to October 4. Go to the Youth Park website to check out all the great items they will have up for bid. You can even pick up dinner at Backyard one night which will support the park. Check on details later in the month.

Speaking of the Backyard Restaurant, they have great curbside pickup. Go to their website to order. It’s easy. I picked up a fabulous dinner there recently and watched how efficient they are at getting customers in and out quickly while practicing social distancing. Plus, they are selling colorful face masks at the outdoor pick-up table as well for $10 cash.

Don’t forget the Farmers Market on Tuesday evenings from 4-7pm. The last day of the Market is September 29th. I’ve been loving the plums from Hidden Lake Farm. You’ll find amazing produce including a huge variety of mushrooms as well. For dinner try Green Grocers, Lata’s Indian Food, Pullen’s Kettle Korn and Edna’s hot dogs. Yummy. Nice browsing too with crafts, jewelry, candles and more. This is the last month so take advantage.

While you are at the Market in the downtown Oaks park, check out the new extra-large picnic tables that should be arriving anytime thanks to the Forestville Planning Association. The FPA recently purchased new trash cans with lids as well. Now the animals won’t be spreading trash around. By the way, it’s your community park, so if you see trash feel free to pick it up. And if you like what the FPA is doing for you, think about joining the Board. It’s a good group of people who care about you. Go to the About Us section to read more about the FPA mission, vision, history and committees. Check out the Downtown Park section to read about this multi-year project. And, read about the annual grants given to several deserving improvement projects in the Community Fund section.

And last, but not least, my gratitude this month is for Robert Baba, also known as Robbie who owns and runs the Ideal Hardware store. He’s been open during Shelter in Place helping us find the things we need to get by. He works hard and is dedicated to helping his customers. He gives great advice and has a wealth of knowledge he willingly shares. The other day I went in to buy some expensive anti-mold product, and he offered advice that bleach would work as well. That’s a guy you can trust!

Board Meetings

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• 5:30 – 7:30 PM
• In-Person at:
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