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Local Vaccines, Re-Zoning, Hollydale Breakfasts, 4th of July, Downtown Changes + More


These posts first appear in the Sonoma County Gazette and then reprinted here on the FPA Blog.

by Vesta Copestakes
June 2021

Mark Olson at Forestville Pharmacy (6652 Front St.) has Moderna vaccines in stock for anyone 18 and over. Appointments are appreciated (CALL 707-887-2268) but if you find yourself in town and want that vaccine, drop by just in case he can slip you in. Vaccines are available Mon – Fri, 10a to 6p, Sat 11a – 4p. They are FREE and you can get one even if you are a Kaiser patient, have other insurance or Medicare or even no insurance at all. And as a LOCAL Bonus – get your vaccine then take proof to La Rosa’s Taqueria (6555 Front St.) for a FREE burrito!

Re-Zoning Draft EIR Deadline
If you missed the public meeting on the Draft EIR for rezoning land to become residentially zoned parcels, you still have a chance to make comments until June 17th. Visit Permit Sonoma’s website (sonomacounty.ca.gov/PRMD/Regulations/Housing/Housing-Sites-EIR), take a look at parcels for suggested rezoning and comment on them one parcel at a time. FOR 3, 5, and 6 are where our proposed SkateSpot can go in across the street from Forestville School. Many of us are very excited about the potential of having a skate park downtown. All parcels up for re-zoning are downtown…ElectroVector site, behind the school on Travis Rd, across the street from the Youth Park, and the 3 next to Packinghouse Road.

Hollydale Community Club Breakfasts RESUME
The 74 year old Community Clubhouse is opening again in June…”Last Sunday of the Month” Breakfast starts again on June 27th 9:00 until Noon featuring Eggs Benedict, Seasoned Cottage Fries, Strawberry’s ‘n Cream…always a deal @ $12 donation w/ beverages included. This is a spectacular way to socialize with fellow Forestvillians and eat great food! The Clubhouse, completely shuttered for 15 months, with no income, no gatherings, no fun which means monies are low, but through the grace of members and friends of the Hollydale Club, including financial grants from the Forestville Chamber, Russian River Rotary, and the SBA, they can open again. The Clubhouse is located just off River Road @ 10250 Field Lane (Corner of Old River Road & Frank Street), (707) 887-0330. Stay in touch on their Facebook page facebook.com/Hollydale-Community-Club

Celebrate the 4th of July with the Forestville Chamber
Wendy Flowers and her fellow chamber cohorts will be BBQing a pig, grilling hamburgers, hot dogs and veggie burgers in our Downtown Park. Beer, wine & margaritas will be available. Live music will entertain us, crafters will have treasures to sell, and there will be a jumpy house for the kids. FUN starts at 12:30p until 6p. And don’t forget that the chamber hosts our Farmers Market on Tuesdays starting at 4pm beginning June 1 and EVERY Tuesday through the summer. Need to know more? Visit forestvillechamber.org

Doris Wesley turns 100
We all know Marche Bowen who makes sandwiches and serves us at the register at Fred’s Liquors. Her mother, Doris, is turning 100 on June 22nd! She was born in South Dakota in 1921 and her family moved to California in 1934, then to Forestville in 1975. Her career spanned 40 years in a dry cleaning business and she still managed to raise 5 children: Kay Heenan, Marche Bowen, Barbara Wesley, James Wesleym and Kelley Wesley. By this time she has also nurtured 6 grandchildren and 8 great grandchildren. For decades her love of dancing is probably one of the many reasons she has stayed fit for so long. She’s an avid reader, loves crossword puzzles, and loves to bake. Congratulations to the whole family for having this loving woman live so long to tell family stories you otherwise would have missed!


Backyard Restaurant – You probably read in the Press Democrat that Marianna and Daniel have decided to NOT renew their lease; they will be leaving our little burg by June 6th. It’s a sad day for our community because they were not only a great restaurant serving healthy and tasty food, but they also contributed to our community with benefits for good causes and feeding hungry people during emergencies. They will have one last benefit for El Molino High School on June 6th (VISIT https://www.saveelmo.com/ and scroll down to order the chicken dinner). Come to say goodbye and help keep ElMo open for our community. A win/win. We like those! INFO: https://www.backyardforestville.com/

Speers Market – Raj Sandhu has decided to retire and he deserves it! Our little market just about died before he took over! Having a community market is part of a vital community. When the produce department went organic we all benefited. The deli serves up custom sandwiches for an active lunch crowd, and stopping by to pick up dinner ingredients is a local benefit. For many of us who don’t venture into the big markets, Speers and Andy’s Markets are how we feed our families! THANK YOU Raj for making this market fit our community with your excellent choice of products and stellar staff who serve us well!

Fred’s Liquors – Bobbie and Gita are taking their final step toward retiring by selling Fred’s to the same people they sold their Sebastopol market to. BIG QUESTION: Will we still have freshly made sandwiches every day? Will we still be greeted by our friends who know us by name? Will we still be able to purchase milk, eggs, cheese, bread, soup, and cookies and ice cream when Speers is closed? Fred’s is our mini grocery store late into the evenings as well as our grab a sandwich and beverage to head across the street to the park for lunch go-to store.

Twist Eatery – Jeff and Toni are downsizing life pressures and it’s a very sad loss for our community but serious benefits for them. We will miss Jeff’s custom creations and Toni’s lovely smile. This is my go-to place for meeting friends for lunch because there is always some incredible food invention Jeff has cooked up, as well as my favorites I return to over and over. Grab a lemon tart before they go! Gerard’s Paella will be coming into the same location so at least we won’t be losing a place to eat in town!

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