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Fine Tree Care Park Work

Fine Tree Care Work at Forestville Downtown ParkSummer, 2022
Forestville Downtown Park

Our Unsung Heroes

Did you notice the tree work done this spring & summer in our own downtown Oaks Park by Fine Tree Care? If not, it’s a sign of a job well done.

They recently donated their talented crew and took out the dead oak posing a danger to parkgoers. While there they trimmed and checked the health of the trees in that grove. All on their own dime!

They know this park well. They were one of our earliest supporters through their $50,000 gift of tree work in 2014. That put us over the top with the money we needed to raise to qualify for the Open Space Grant in the first place. Since then, they have continued to give of their time and talent to maintain our lovely landscape. When you look up at those trees, please know it’s Fine Tree Care and Jeff B. who made it happen.

Our promise through the Open Space grant is to protect these Valley Oaks for generations to come. Fine Tree Care will help us make that happen. If you see them or one of their fabulous crew, be sure to thank them for all of us. They do wonderful work!

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