Community Fund Grants Awarded

2023 Community Grants Awarded

$22,000* was available from contributions from our local quarries and others.

  1. Holiday Tree for the Forestville Community, Forestville Chamber of Commerce (Claire Trappe): Granted – $1500.
    Erect, decorate, disassemble and remove Forestville annual Holiday tree.
  2. Brew Mural, Ricky Watts – Chris McDonald: Granted – $1000.
    Commissioned art mural to repair and beautify downtown central wall.
  3. Ice Machine, Forestville Chamber of Commerce (Wendy Flowers): Granted $2965.
    To replace the much used Fire Department ice machine, no longer available for community nonprofit use.
  4. Tree Trimming, Food for Thought, Tom Lemmon: Granted $1000.
    Trim back Cottonwood trees on property’s edge.
  5. Forestville School, Forestville Union School District: Granted $3000.
    Garden Program Rebuild and restart a Tk-8 gardening program.
  6. Forestville Skatespot, Skateboarding Program: Granted $2025.
    After school skateboarding program in coordination with Forestville School ASAP (After School Activities Program).
  7. Forestville Food Closet, Forestville United Methodist Church: Granted $2500.
    To provide food to those in our community who need it most.
  8. Tankless Hot Water Heater, Hollydale Community Club, Inc: Granted $2000.
    Replace aging and inefficient hot water heater used for community events.
  9. Water Heater Upgrade, Forestville Youth Park: Granted $1156.
    Replace aging and inefficient hot water heater used for community and sporting events.

Total Funds Distributed: $17,146

* Balance of 2023 funds, $4,854 to be used for next year’s fund or for valuable or urgent Forestville community needs.

Thanks to Allen Taylor Poff for this colorful photo of the Brew mural.

Board Meetings

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• 5:30 – 7:30 PM
• In-Person at:
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Board President,
Lucy Hardcastle
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