Hometown Heroes

Sean Bressie

By Alicia A Chazen
Two years ago, Sean Bressie, owner and operator of Sonoma County Mow and Tractor Services showed up at the Downtown Forestville Oaks Park offering to help. The grasses in the park were overgrown and the person who normally mowed the Park hadn’t come around. With a grateful heart the FPA accepted his help, and the Park has benefited ever since. Sean not only mows the park several times a year, he takes down the large blackberry clusters in the lower park and removes trash regularly.

When talk of restoring the lower park started, it was Sean who knew what to do. He first broke up the hard packed road left over from when the wooden bridge was installed. He then spread compost over that flattened area and seeded the area with native grass. He dropped off rice straw so community members could hand spread it to protect the new seeds. A huge project made easy by the one and only Sean!  Within two years the area was completely restored.

It’s not only the Oaks Park that Sean supports. An El Molino graduate, Sean is also a computer whiz and a history buff. He takes care of the Forestville Cemetery. He is a big help to his neighborhood. One neighbor reports “Sean is one of those rare souls who truly cares about others, sees how he can help and pitches in.”  We are lucky to have Sean Bressie as one of our Hometown Heroes!

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