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2021 Board Retreat

The FPA board tries to have a retreat every year. With Covid, it has been spotty. On these full day retreats, the board may discuss the future vision for Forestville suggested from the public. To read about FPA’s first Town Hall meeting in September 2002 where the attendees were divided into several groups to list (about Forestville): Likes, Dislikes and Vision of the Future, go here.

Back row, L-R:  Ian Burnett,  Wayne Gibb, Ken Smith, Tim Sergent, Michael Cuoio
Front row, L-R: Jonie Blechel, Lucy Hardcastle, Monique-Cheri Pierre

FPA Board 2013-14

Photo by Janet Zagoria

Back Row, L-R: Ken Smith, Brian Martens, Robert O’Connor (retired from board in 2014), Max Broome, Richard Naegle
Front Row, L-R: Mary Luttrell, Lucy Barnett Hardcastle, Elizabeth Naegle

Missing: Chris O’Neill, Rod Bergland

FPA Board 2012-13

Photo by Janet Zagoria

Back Row, L-R: Ken Smith, Robert O’Connor, Richard Naegle, Max Broome
Front Row, L-R: Elizabeth Naegle, Mary Luttrell, Gary Beyrouti (retired from board in 2013), Lucy Barnett Hardcastle.

Missing: Brian Martens

FPA Board 2011

Photo by Patti Brunelle

Standing: Elizabeth Naegle, Richard Naegle, Lucy Barnett Hardcastle, Robert O’Connor
Sitting: Peter Renfro, Max Broome, Anne Greenblatt
Missing: Ken Smith

FPA Volunteers 2008-2009

Photo by Patti Brunelle & Janet Zagoria

Sitting: Jim Smith, Max Broome, David Beazlie, Birgit Carstensen
Standing: Patti Brunelle, Paul Greenblatt, Kathy Smith, Joan Riback, Lucy Barnett Hardcastle, Anne Greenblatt, Val Habegger, Raynetta James, Janet Zagoria
Missing: President Richard Naegle, Treasurer Elizabeth Naegle

FPA Volunteers 2006

Photo by Patti Brunelle & Janet Zagoria

Back row: Elaine Neiswender, Jim Watson, Mickey Fernandez, Elizabeth Naegle, Richard Naegle, Mary Luttrell
Front row: Janet Zagoria, Vesta Copestakes (from Forestville Chamber of Commerce), Lucy Barnett Hardcastle, Peter Renfro, Anne Greenblatt, Patti Brunelle

FPA Volunteers 2005

Photo by Patti Brunelle

Sitting: Mickey Fernandez, Vesta Copestakes (from Forestville Chamber of Commerce)
Standing: Janet Zagoria, Sig Anderman, Lucy Barnett Hardcastle, Joan Riback, Birgit Carstensen, Richard Naegle

FPA Board 2004

Photo by Birgit Carstensen

Back row: Vesta Copestakes (from Forestville Chamber of Commerce), Anne Greenblatt, Jack Burger, Richard Naegle
Front row: Joan Riback, Mickey Fernandez, Elizabeth Naegle, David Carpenter, Sig Anderman

Board Meetings

• 1st Tuesday of mo.
• 5:30 – 7:30 PM
• In-Person at:
6550 Railroad Ave., Forestville
• Via Zoom: Get Link
• For more info, contact:
Board President,
Lucy Hardcastle
Everyone welcome.