President’s Message, Oct 2018


President's Message President's Message, October 2018 Forestville Downtown Oaks Proposed Design I am taking this opportunity to update you on where we stand with the [...]

President’s Message, Oct 20182019-01-29T01:59:25+00:00

President’s Message, Jan 2019


President's Message President's Message, January 2019 Wetlands in the Park It may not appear so to the casual observer or user of our downtown Forestville [...]

President’s Message, Jan 20192019-02-14T02:29:32+00:00

President’s Message, July 2019


President's Message President's Message, July 2019 The Concept of Plan Approved By Ag + Open Space If you have driven by or visited the Forestville [...]

President’s Message, July 20192019-07-02T21:35:59+00:00

President’s Message, March 2020


President's Message President's Message, March 2020 Downtown Park Design Plan In 2013 the Forestville Planning Association (FPA) acquired approximately 4 acres of vacant land in [...]

President’s Message, March 20202020-03-16T04:18:21+00:00

President’s Message, May 2021


President's Message President's Message, May 2021 I first heard of the FPA in 2005. I noticed a bunch of people gathering outside the old Oddfellows [...]

President’s Message, May 20212021-05-06T21:16:06+00:00

President’s Message, August 2022


President's Message President's Message, August 2022 It’s been an interesting year. On the surface, things look pretty much the same but behind the scenes we’ve [...]

President’s Message, August 20222022-08-05T03:26:02+00:00

President’s Message, February 2023


President's Message President's Message, February 2023 The letter below is the FPA Board's Response to Sonoma County Planning Commission's Regarding the Affordable Housing in Forestville. [...]

President’s Message, February 20232023-02-14T01:07:42+00:00
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