Community Fund Application Form

The Community Application Form must be
Submitted by June 28, 2024

To apply, you can do the following:

Method 1
a. Fill in the online FCF Application Form below and submit it.
b. Print out the FCF Signature Page and mail it in (see address below).

Method 2
Download the PDF of the form: FCF Application Form and the FCF Signature Page. Mail the entire package to FPA (see address below).

Method 3
Pick up paper copies of the FCF Application Form and the Signature Page at one of these Forestville locations and mail entire package to FPA:
Forestville Pharmacy

If mailing the application form and/or the signature page, they must be completed and postmarked by June 28, 2024. Mail to:

Forestville Planning Association
PO Box 184, Forestville CA, 95436

The 2024 Grant Application Form


    Name of Proposed Project (required)

    Amount (required)

    Organizational Information


    Phone (required)



    1. Name, phone and email of contact person regarding this application, if different than above.

    2. Are you going to be working with other organizations, groups or individuals and, if so, who?

    Names working with

    Proposal Information

    3. Please give a 2-3 sentence summary of your request:

    4. Approximately how many people will this project serve and whom will it benefit?

    Youth, Amount Served:

    Seniors, Amount Served:


    Other (explain):

    5. Funds are being requested for: (chose one)
    Physical Improvement
    Project Support
    Program Support
    Other, List:

    Project Start Date

    Project End Date

    Budget Information

    6. Dollar amount requested from fund (required).

    7. Matching funds from other sources, if any.

    8. Total budget for this project (required).

    9. Detailed budget for project or activity to include other revenue and expenses.

    10. List of additional funders for this project or activity.

    Proposal Narrative

    11. FULL description of your project and why you should be selected.

    12. Description of key staff and volunteers.

    13. List the experience you have had that will ensure your success.

    14. Provide your long term funding strategies if this is an ongoing project.

    15. Describe specifically how the proposed activities or project benefit the community of Forestville or assist with “Downtown Improvement.”

    16. Describe results you are expecting and how you will measure your success.

    Additional Information

    Check all that apply.
    17. I am applying only as an individual.
    18. I am applying under the umbrella of a business or an established organization (for an example: a business, club, school or church).
    18a. The umbrella business or organization’s name is:

    19. My organization is a public agency/unit of government.
    20. I have a 'financial sponsor'. If so, who are they:

    21. My organization is a 501c3 nonprofit.

    If you are a nonprofit agency, type in your 501(c)(3) number below.

    Additional Comments

    Read IMPORTANT info below before hitting Send.

    To complete this online form, please download the below signature page, print it out, complete it and mail or scan & email it ( by June 28, 2024.
    Download: Signature Page
    (Required) I have downloaded the Signature Page from the link above and will mail it in after I have applied for a grant.
    Mail to: Forestville Planning Association, PO Box 184, Forestville CA, 95436

    PLEASE NOTE: If your proposal is approved for a grant from the Forestville Community Fund, you agree, as the recipient, or on behalf of the recipient organization(s):

    • To provide a written report to the FPA Board within 30 days from completion of the project which could be published in the Sonoma County Gazette.
    • If requested, present your accomplishments at a Town Hall meeting.
    • Send to the Community Fund Committee a 6 month progress report if your project is intended to last longer than 6 months.

    For questions about the fund or the form, contact: Lucy Hardcastle-Barnett, 707-480-9426.

    Contact the FPA Webmaster if you are having problems with submitting the form or getting the signature page.

    Board Meetings

    • 1st Tuesday of mo.
    • 5:30 – 7:30 PM
    • In-Person at:
    6550 Railroad Ave., Forestville
    • Via Zoom: Get Link
    • For more info, contact:
    Board President,
    Lucy Hardcastle
    Everyone welcome.